Our secluded cabins are only a 5 minutes drive away from Mount Robson Provincial Park. Mt Robson Provincial Park is the second oldest park in British Columbia and named after the highest peak in the Canadian Rocky Mountains ( 3994m/12900feet). As part of the Canadian Rocky Mountains World Heritage Site ( desig­nated by the UNESCO in 1990), Mount Robson Provincial Park is truly one of the world’s crown jewels.

No matter if you visit our log cabins in the summer or the winter time, Mt Robson has it all. You will find something to do for every age,taste and budget. Mt Robson Provincial Park protects a unique flora and fauna, very typical of the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. The Park also protects the headwa­ters of the Fraser River with its import­ant eco system. It is home of to the Chinook salmon that return to their spawn­ing grounds each year in late August until the middle of September. You can witness this unique spectacle just 5 minutes away from our log cabins at the Rearguard Falls and the many streams near to us.

While hiking near your accom­mod­a­tion in the Mount Robson area you can exper­i­ence three amazing veget­a­tion zones and an abund­ance of wildlife includ­ing black bear, moose, elk,caribou , mountain goat, and deer. A birdwatch­ers paradise offers more than 182 species of birds.

Mt Robson Provincial Park has a total size of 224.866 hectares of unsur­passed beauty to offer.Come and discover for yourself why the hiking trail up to Mount Robsonis one of the 10 most beauti­ful hiking trails in the world. After an amazing day of explor­ing the many beauti­ful sites come back to your log cabin and relax in style. Your comfort­able accom­mod­a­tion at Mica Mountain Lodge will round up a beauti­ful day.