Perfect for the couple that love the additional space

With its 500 feet of living space, the 1-bedroom Mica comfort­ably accom­mod­ates 2 people and is our largest log cabin. It has all of the amenit­ies described on our “Cabins” page and more.

Panorama Window View

Enjoy the huge, panor­ama front windows that face wildflower fields and the rugged mountains. Or relax outside in the tranquil surround­ings and comfort of your big, half-covered porch. It’s nestled in-between the trees. A very private campfire pit is located next to the log cabin.

This gorgeous hand-crafted log cabin is built in the original dovetail log cabin style, with the chink­ing in between the logs.

It is a very authen­tic cabin style that goes back to the first settlers that came to this remote part of the world.

Many of the furniture pieces have been hand-crafted by local artists.

1 seperate bedroom and a comfy Living Room

The bedroom features a comfort­able queen size log bed. The Mica cabin offers also a fully equipped kitchenette to prepare meals.

Full Bath With Tub & Shower

The bathroom is meant to pamper your soul and for relax­a­tion after an adven­tur­ous day in the mountains.

It offers a (reclin­ing) bathtub-shower combin­a­tion with glass door and an extra heat lamp. It keeps you comfy and warm when you step out of the tub.

When you come back to your cabin after a day’s adven­ture it will feel like coming home. Enjoy the mountain scenery and the tranquil­ity!

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