Are you open at this time?

We are operat­ing in compli­ance with the BC govern­ment and Federal govern­ment health orders.

Are you pet friendly ?

Sorry we can regret­fully not allow pets in the log cabins , even though we love pets and own some too . Our pets are also not allowed in the cabins .

What should we bring ?

The cabin is fully equipped , besides some grocer­ies to prepare a nice meal nothing really. If you rather like to go out for meals we can recom­mend some nice restaur­ants close to us.

Can I smoke in the log cabin ?

No sorry, but an ashtray is provided for your conveni­ence on the half covered porch of you cabin.

Can we bring firewood for the campfire from home ?

We ask you not to do that due to the many differ­ent diseases and bugs that are out there, BC has already a Pine beetle issue. You can purchase a big bundle of wood at the lodge for only $12 cash.

It is already split so you do not have to work before you enjoy a great time around the fire. Paper, matches and kindling are included.

Where is the nearest inter­na­tional airport ?

The nearest one is located in Edmonton, a 5 - 5.5 hours drive.

The Calgary airport is a 6.5 hours to us and it is truly a dream road . We do not recom­mend to drive this road during the winter time if you are not used to drive in winter conditions.

Vancouver is a 7.5 hours drive.

Do we need to book our tours in advance ?

It depends when and for how long you stay with us. We recom­mend that if you really like to do something it is best to make the arrange­ments ahead of time so you can avoid disap­point­ment. Reservations in advance for the dog-sledding tours, helicopter tours are strongly recommended.

What will the weather be like ?

Well let me get my crystal ball ..:) We have hot summers 20-30 Celsius or more and lots of snow during the winter­time, with average temper­at­ures of -10 to -15 Celsius. Yet if you hit a cold spell it may drop down to up to -35 Celsius, but that does not happen to often.

Do the cabins have air-conditioning?

You don’t need air-condi­tion­ing. Even on hot days when the sun sets the temper­at­ures in the mountains cool down. Open the windows in the evening ‚which have all mosquito screens, and perhaps turn your ceiling fan on a bit and I promise you a great night sleep, you will not be to warm.

Do you have a DVD player in the cabin ?

No sorry. We offer many free Satellite channels , there is something for everybody.

Do you offer inter­net at the log cabin ?

Free WIFI is avail­able around the lodge. You are welcome to pick and choose a nice spot around the lodge and use the inter­net. At this point of time it is not possible due to our remote location and the distance from the lodge to the log cabins.