Jackman Flats Provincial Park, Tete Jaune Cache BC

5 minutes from our lodging you can explore Jackman Flats Provincial Park, in the vicin­ity of Tete Jaune Cache BC. Jackman Flats Provincial Park has been created out of ice and wind. Some 11,000 years ago, at the end of the last ice age, winds from the trench of the Fraser River and from Kinbasket Lake, depos­ited vast quant­it­ies of sand in the Jackman Flats area. The park features an ecosys­tem considered unique in British Columbia. Shifting sand dune struc­tures and very rare plants now exist in this rather small park. Excellent oppor­tun­it­ies exist for bird watch­ing and plant identi­fic­a­tion. Along the differ­ent trails you can choose from you will find inter­est­ing inter­pret­ive signs that tells you about the many differ­ent lichens. The parks most promin­ent pants are the variety of lichen species that domin­ate the landscape.

Jackman Flats offers a variety of differ­ent trails that can be combined with each other, featur­ing stunning views at the mountains and fauna. During the winter time the visitor can enjoy groomed cross country ski trails. Mount Robson Provincial Park is just located another 5 minutes from Jackman Flats and our lodging accom­mod­a­tion.