Jasper is part of the UNESCO Canadian Rocky Mountains Parks World Heritage Site. It is the largest of the north­ern Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks and was estab­lished in 1907. Our cabins are conveni­ent located within a 30 minutes drive to Jasper National Park or one hour to Jasper downtown, if you like to do some souvernier shopping. You always have a great chance to explore some wildlife on this scenic and easy to drive route. It is a beauti­ful relax­ing drive and nice for a daytrip. After a day of explor­ing the area you can enjoy to come back to your secluded cabin without all the hustle of the busy town.

Maligne Canyon

is on your way to Maligne Lake. Sheer limestone walls plunge to depths of over 50 metres ( 165 feet). During the summer a trail winds its way from the parking area across six bridges. Maligne River thunders through the canyon with its mossy depths. In the winter­time you can take a guided tour through the frozen canyon. Winter turns the cascades of Angel falls and Queen falls into delic­ate ice sculptures.

Medicine Lake

is a place of mystery and Indian legends. In the fall it is drained by one of the largest under­ground river systems of North America.In the winter the water disap­pears. The Indians called it Medicine Lake of course when the water first flows back into the lake it looked to them like medicine.

Jasper Miette Hot Springs

invites you from May till the fall to rejuven­ate in a spectac­u­lar mountain setting. The water flows down from the mountain at 53 Celsius (129 Fahrenheit).It is then cooled down to a comfort­able 40 degree Celsius (102 Fahrenheit). The facil­ity includes a couple of hot pools plus a cool pool with a poolside café.

The Jasper Tramway

is the longest and highest aerial tramway into Jasper National Park’s alpine tundra. It will take you up Whistler’s Mountain to an eleva­tion of 2285 meters ( 7496 fee). It takes around 10 minutes with the tramway to reach the top.Hiking trails lead you to the summit of the mountain.Overlook glacial-fed lakes, six mountain ranges, rivers and the towns­ite of Jasper.On a clear day you can see our awe-inspir­ing Mount Robson, the tallest peak in the Canadian Rockies. This magni­fi­cent mountain is just 10 minutes away from you cozy log cabin.

The Columbia Icefields

can be enjoyed by those of you travel­ing via highway 93 to us. It is among the largest non-polar accumu­la­tions of ice in North America. This huge icefield spawns eight major glaciers: rivers of ice that grind rock into powder and change the landscape as they move. Brewster’s Snow Coach tour onto the surface of the Athabasca Glacier make it easy for you to exper­i­ence the beauty of this aston­ish­ing envir­on­ment. You can learn about the glaci­er’s envir­on­ment, the wildlife and the human history on this tour. At the turn-around , below the glacier headwall , you will have the option to step out onto ice formed snow that fell some 400 years ago.