Kinney Lake Mount Robson Park

Kinney Lake is a lake located in Mount Robson Provincial Park of British Columbia, Canada. The trail to Kinney Lake is fairly easy to hike and follows the Robson River all along. Huge cedar trees, moss and wonder­ful wildflowers border this inspir­ing hiking trail at Mount Robson. It is a marvelous 4.5 km to Kinney lake. The lake is an expan­sion of the Robson River and is located about halfway between the river’s source and its mouth. It was named by Arthur Philemon Coleman, a Canadian geolo­gist, who explored the region with his friend, George Kinney, who spotted the lake first. Visitors can enjoy the Kinney Lake trail all year around. During the winter time you can hike, snow shoe or cross country ski to Kinney Lake.