Overlander Falls

Overlander Falls is a water­fall on the Fraser River in Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada. The water falls can be reached by a short walking trail which starts on the Yellowhead Highway 2 km (1.2 miles) east of the Mount Robson visitor center. It is a lovely 45 minutes return hike lined by wonder­ful big trees, moss and a variety of wildflowers during the summer time. The water­falls are popular with kayakers. The water is dropping about 10 meters into a very large and nice pool and then runs over rapids through the magni­fi­cent canyon. 

The water­fall has been named for the Overlanders exped­i­tion of 1862. About 70 men and only 1 woman from Fort Garry (now Winnipeg) traveled across the prair­ies and through the Rocky Mountains at what is now Mt Robson Provincial Park, intend­ing to reach the Barkerville or Cariboo goldfields. Just a bit further west of the Overlander Falls near Mt Robson, the group split. About half contin­ued down the Fraser River, eventu­ally reach­ing Barkerville in the late fall of 1862, but over a year had elapsed since Billy Barker’s gold strike and there were no claims left to stake. The other half abandoned their dreams of gold and rafted down the North Thompson River to Fort Kamloops. The only woman on the raft went into labor and lucky for her she was helped by Native women to have her baby.