5 minutes drive from your cabin accom­mod­a­tions you can explore the Rearguard falls. This is a great easy hike during the summer or the winter­time. This easy trail leads through a wonder­ful forest to the viewing platform of the beauti­ful Rearguard Falls of the Fraser River. From the middle of August till the middle of September you can watch the Chinook salmon attempt­ing to leap the falls after they have traveled upstream over 1200 km. Some Chinook salmon may be success­ful battling over these falls to reach the gravel above, but for most, Rearguard Falls marks the end of their long journey. Further downstream in Tete Jaune Cache you can watch the salmon in the Fraser River or from a gentle float down the river. This yearly spectacle attract bears, golden eagle and bald eagles (to name just a few) along the streams to feast on the fish.

During the winter a snowshoe walk or hike brings you down to the viewing platform where the harsh cold trans­formed the Fraser River and the Rearguard Falls in an amazing peace of mother nature’s art, consist­ing out of all shapes and colors of ice and the flowing river.