Dog team & Musher
This tour gives you a great taste of dog sledding! Enjoy the crisp mountain air while you explore the beauti­ful mountain scenery guided from your dogsled team! Surrounded by a truly unique winter scenery, which seems to be out of a story book, and the friendly husky team that pulls quietly your sled.

During this time you have the oppor­tun­ity to learn the history of both the area and the dog sledding. An excit­ing trip you will remem­ber forever!

Tours starting at the end of November

The 60 Minute Musher

Dogsledding TeamThis tour is great for those groups that are large or famil­ies with small children that want a quick taste of dogsledding.

Trip includes your intro­duc­tion to the dogs, the equip­ment, your instruc­tion on how to drive a dog team & 1 full hour of mushing!

It concludes with a hot bever­age and homemade treats back at the trail­head. 10kms

Departure times: 1pm only on Thursday, Saturdays, Sundays and daily thru Christmas ( Dec 18th- Jan 4th )

Rates inclusive taxes

Adult $213.13

Moonshiners of Whiskey Creek

Dogsledding Team & MusherThis 3 hour tour gives you a good taste of dogsled­ding. Enjoy the crisp mountain air and the beauti­ful scenery that surrounds you while you warm up to a hearty campfire lunch, hot apple cider and homemade pastry. (A veget­arian lunch is avail­able upon request.) 18-22kms

Departure times: 9am Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and daily through Christmas ( Dec 18th- Jan 4th )

Rates inclusive taxes

Adult $427.33

Ghosts of Cold Fire

Dogsledding TeamThis 4-4.5 hour tour lets you live the life of a musher for a day. You will cover 34kms and climb over one thousand feet in altitude.

This tour is a little demand­ing physic­ally as you will sometimes be required to “break trail.”

Lunch is cooked over a roaring fire at a trapper’s cabin along Small River. 34kms

Departure times: 9 am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ( not avail­able from 18th of December until inc. 4th of January)

Rates inclusive taxes

Adult $717.57 includ­ing taxes

Requirements to complete your reservation:

Our guide requires full payment when making a reservation.

Guaranteed reser­va­tions may be cancelled before 6pm, 48 hours prior to your sched­uled tour. However our guide will retain a handling fee of $50/reservation. Failure of the card holder to cancel their reser­va­tion prior to this time will result in NO refund of the FULL amount of their purchase.

Should a client not be able to attend due to illness, only they will be excused. All others will be expec­ted at their sched­uled tour.

Tours are provided by Cold Fire Creek dogsledding, just 10 min. down the road

Toll free: 1 877 295 8505