The winter season at Mount Robson, in Mount Robson Provincial Park, is such a beauti­ful time to visit and hiking. A winter wonder­land with snow covered mountain peaks and forests dusted with snow await­ing adven­tures. With a good pair of snow boots, you can comfort­ably hike to some of the same destin­a­tions as you can in the summer­time. Wander through a maze of fascin­at­ing snow covered trees along water­falls that turn into beauti­ful ice sculp­tures. As your boots crunch on a winding alpine trail the untouched snow shimmers like a million diamonds in the sun. Or you can venture off into the deep snow with snow shoes of several differ­ent areas around Mt Robson to discover tracks and wildlife. Crisp mountain air and peace­ful tranquil­ity under the blue winter skies will rejuven­ate your spirits.

Mt Robson - Mica Mountain Lodge

Hiking is a relax­ing and afford­able way to enjoy alpine beauty at its best. We’ll even provide you with our own trail guide and lots of route maps, Whether you want to get closer to nature, or just exper­i­ence a light stress-reducing walk in the woods, our winter hiking trails have just what you need to soothe your mind. The hiking trails at Mount Robson are less crowded and the quiet is unpre­ced­en­ted. Experience a serene landscape, a frozen moment in time. Our mountains await you for a very unique and peace­ful time. Our cabins are just a 10 minutes scenic drive away from gorgeous hikes at Mount Robson in Mt. Robson Provincial Park. Explore frozen water­falls and trails at it’s finest during the peace­ful winter months.